Ian Angell
Outspoken futurologist, international expert on risk and commercial security

Sir John Banham
Former Director General of the CBI and business expert

Roger Black
Popular star of the athletics track, TV presenter and motivational speaker

Lady Betty Boothroyd
Described as a “national treasure” and the former Speaker of the House of Commons

Gyles Brandreth
Actor, author, broadcaster, former MP, Government Whip and Lord Commissioner of the Treasury - speaks on leadership

Professor Mark Brown
Expert on corporate innovation and new ways to look at your business

Michael Buerk
TV and radio presenter, broadcaster, journalist - well-known for chairing BBC Radio 4's The Moral Maze

Geoff Burch
Challenging, entertaining and unique - a business speaker with a difference (or several)

Rene Carayol
Charismatic international business guru, he is one of the world's leading speakers on business transformation

Barbara Cassani
Former boss of budget airline Go and Director of the London 2012 Olympic Bid - an expert on leadership, entrepreneurship and business start-ups

Adrian Chiles
Lively and entertaining presenter, MC and host for radio and TV - sport, business, finance

Ken Clarke QC MP
Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1993–1997 and MP for Rushcliffe - a barrister-at-law and QC who loves jazz music

Professor David Clutterbuck
Speaks on mentoring and leadership - helps businesses answer difficult questions

Sebastian Coe
Lord Coe was a former successful Olympic athlete winning Gold medals for Britain - now heading the 2012 Olympic Games for London

Gerald Corbett
Former Chairman of Woolworths plc, he is an authoritative and straightforward voice on business

Patrick Cordingley
Former Commander of the "Desert Rats" in the first Gulf War - inspirational speaker on leadership, motivation, teamwork, risk and strategy

Frances Edmonds
Multi-lingual TV and radio presenter, broadcaster, after dinner speaker, awards host and events MC

Jo Fairley
Co-Founder of Green & Black's organic chocolate - expert on marketing and the UK's youngest ever magazine editor

Sir Ranulph Fiennes
World famous explorer in ice and desert; world-class speaker; in demand worldwide

Paul Furey
Expert on conflict resolution and how people can change their interpersonal behaviours to achieve success

Frank Gardner OBE
BBC’s Security Correspondent, reporting for TV and radio on issues of both domestic and international security, notably on Al Qaeda related terrorism

Pete Goss
Leading motivational speaker, yachtsman, charismatic, expert on teams

Wing Commander Andy Green
Current holder of the World Land Speed Record, he speaks on leadership, risk management, excellence and teamwork

Jeff Grout
World class speaker on excellence, recruitment, building high performance teams, career success

Pen Hadow
The “thinking person’s explorer”, first successful solo unsupported man to North Pole

William Hague MP
Shadow Foreign Secretary and former Leader of the Conservative Party from 1997-2001 - his speeches focus on leadership styles

Monty Halls
A former Royal Marine and trained marine biologist - effective leadership, excitement and adventure, motivation

Ray Hammond
Europe’s most experienced and most widely-published futurologist, he looks ahead at the next 5, 10 and 15 years - inspirational and motivational speaker

Roy Hattersley
Broadcaster, journalist, author and entertaining speaker with extensive knowledge on a wide range of topics - he received a peerage in 1997

John Humphrys
Well-respected presenter from Radio 4's Today programme and witty after dinner speaker, awards host and MC

Will Hutton
Chief Executive of The Work Foundation - former stockbroker and investment analyst - interests in Chinese business matters

Michael Johnson
Olympic and World Champion at 200m and 400m - outstanding speaker on achieving world class performance

Anatole Kaletsky
Editor-at-Large of The Times of London with special interests in economics, politics and international relations

Charles Kennedy MP
Former Leader of the Liberal Democrats, broadcaster, writer, raconteur, international speaker

Terese Kramer
Delivers independent global asset management expertise to the international leasing community

Ken Livingstone
Former Mayor of London until 2008 - involved in the London 2012 successful Olympic Bid

David Mellor
Multi-faceted career as a businessman, broadcaster and journalist - he speaks on politics and has a keen interest in Chelsea FC and classical music

Piers Morgan
Former Editor of the Daily Mirror, TV presenter and broadcaster - speaks on politics and business

Andrew Neil
Popular TV presenter, broadcaster, journalist, former Editor of Sunday Times, now at The Business

Robin Oakley
Political Editor at CNN (ex BBC), after dinner speaker, awards host - and expert on horseracing

Matthew Parris
BBC Radio 4 broadcaster and former Parliamentary sketchwriter for The Times, he now works freelance

Chris Patten
Lord Patten is the former Governor of Hong Kong and author on East/West diplomacy - special interest in China

Michael Portillo
Well-known broadcaster and former MP - a witty and intelligent speaker, he speaks for a wide variety of audiences, not only on political matters

John Potter
Expert on leadership, strategy, negotiation and high level performance skills

John Prescott
Former Deputy Prime Minister during the Blair years - entertaining political speaker

Doug Richard
Former “dragon” from BBC’s Dragon’s Den - one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs

Dame Stella Rimington DCB MA
Former Head of Security Service MI5, now a best-selling author - speaks on leadership, strategy, risk, business change

Craig Sams
Co-Founder of Green & Black's organic chocolate - expert on green issues and Chairman of the Soil Association

Professor Richard Scase
Europe's leading business futurist and socio-economic forecaster - particular interests in India and China

John Sergeant
Freelance journalist and broadcaster - former Chief Political Correspondent for the BBC - speaks on politics and current affairs

Hans Snook
Former boss of Orange, international business entrepreneur

Rebecca Stephens MBE
First British woman to climb Mount Everest and first English-speaking woman in the world to climb the Seven Summits - speaks on leadership, teamwork and self-awareness

David Thompson
An expert in HR, people and talent management - author, speaker and conference host

Justin Urquhart Stewart
Economist and expert on corporate finance, he specialises in investment and the stockmarket

Jeremy Vine
TV broadcaster and radio presenter - politics, current affairs and business matters - awards host and MC

Terry Waite CBE
Former hostage in Lebanon for nearly five years - a man with a big personality and a terrific sense of humour

Gregg Wallace
Well-known as a judge on Masterchef and Celebrity Masterchef, he also runs a multi-million pound business

Rex Warner
International explorer and entrepreneur - particular interest in working with, and investing in, China

Adrian Webster
Known as the "Sales Predator", he focuses on self-motivation, team building and team leading, especially within the sales environment

Simon Weston OBE
An incredibly positive mental attitude to achieve goals; inspiring, uplifting; great with everyone

Sir Clive Woodward
England's highly successful World Cup-winning Rugby Coach - excellent speaker on motivation and planning to win


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