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Rosemary Shrager


Rosemary is a talented, experienced and versatile chef who loves talking about food as much as she loves cooking. Both her preparation and her presentation are outstanding.

A natural extrovert and communicator, her professional career includes working for Pierre Koffman at the internationally famous Tante Claire restaurant in London and working for Jean-Christophe Novelli.  Rosemary was then Head Chef at Moyns Park, the home of the Mountbattens, who held private and corporate functions for which Rosemary was responsible for all aspects of catering.  This led Rosemary to have her own cookery school at Amhuinnsuidhe Castle (1998-2002) and at Swinton Park, a castle hotel in the Yorkshire Dales.

A truly good sport, a keen participant, and always ready for a new challenge, Rosemary has recently been seen in The Real Marigold Hotel TV series, where she samples living overseas (India, Florida, Japan) with her not-quite-so-young colleagues including actress and film star Miriam Margolyes, darts champion Bobby George and the former dancer and choreographer Wayne Sleep.

With more than a decade in broadcasting and teaching, Rosemary’s role in ITV’s Ladette to Lady cemented her position as Britain’s best loved Chef and Cookery Teacher.  Rosemary Shrager’s School for Cooks aired for two seasons and Rosemary remains the very popular resident chef on The Alan Titchmarsh Show (ITV1) as well as her regular appearances on GMTV and This Morning.

Further afield, Rosemary has filmed Ladette to Lady US and Australia.

Previous work includes Taste the Nation, Sue and Giles Live The Good Life, (2010), Supersizers with Giles Coren and Sue Perkins (BBC2), and being a resident judge on Soapstar Superchef. Kitchen Showdown with Rosemary Shrager (2006) won rave reviews on UKTV Food. Rosemary was also one of the judges on the acclaimed Local Food Heroes, alongside Gary Rhodes.

In 2005, her broadcasting career crossed the Atlantic with her first series for US Broadcaster Discovery Home in Rosemary – Queen of the Kitchen.  This was coupled with her series for Channel 4 – Mind Your Manners and, of course, ITV’s prime time show Ladette to Lady.

Rosemary’s latest programme, Royal Upstairs Downstairs aired on BBC2 in 2011.

Rosemary’s six-part series, Rosemary – Castle Cook for Five led to a second series, Rosemary on the Road. Rosemary has worked on a number of television projects including an eight-part contribution to the Carlton TV series Nosh.

Her first cookery book, Rosemary – Castle Cook, was described by food writer Michael Raffael as “an object lesson in handling the finest produce”. Her second book, Rosemary Shrager’s School for Cooks, accompanied the series. Rosemary Shrager’s Absolutely Foolproof Classic Home Cooking was published in Spring 2011.

Rosemary spends her time developing new recipes, working on further television projects, teaching and providing her expertise to private clients. Her passions and loves include food in general and imparting her knowledge and skills to others, as well as sourcing new food products, especially organic.

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