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Penny Mallory


Often best known for her passion for motor sport, Penny’s first love has always been people.

Penny has spoken all over the world. An accomplished Keynote Speaker, Event Host and a familiar TV Presenter, she has over 20 years’ experience, so you’re in safe hands when you book her. She works closely with each client to ensure that she complements the issues of the company and the event.

Based on over twenty years of sporting and business experience, Penny talks about The Psychology of Success. Her World Class Thinking: World Class Behaviour speeches, workshops and break-out sessions cover teamwork, goal setting, focus, leadership and how to achieve extraordinary results.

“I love the buzz and physical challenge of running, riding and boxing. But to find real balance in life, it is essential to achieve some moments of stillness and mindfulness. I believe that balance is the key to unlocking pure, true potential” says Penny.

Against the odds, Penny Mallory became the first woman in the World to compete in a World Rally Car. Her story is unusual and inspiring. Penny shares the ups and downs of her story from ‘homeless waster’ to ‘Rally Champion’, inspiring audiences to achieve greater things for themselves. Despite being told she was the ‘wrong sex’ and ‘too old’, she achieved her lifelong dream to be a Rally Driver. 

Her unique and inspirational story shows there is no limit to what you can achieve with will determination, focus and commitment.

The story started when Penny was just fourteen. Leaving home, never to return, she found herself in London, seeking a better life, but spent nearly 2 years in homeless hostels. Her life was completely out of control. But she realised that she alone could take control of her life. In time, she worked her way to becoming a sound engineer and a graphic artist. A chance event allowed her to realise a childhood dream of driving a rally car and she was hooked.

Twenty-five years ago, she trained in social work and is currently working with a Category B prison delivering a restorative justice course. The impact of the course has reduced the chance of offenders re-offending from 76% down to 34%. 

Penny has also entered the boxing ring for two fights, one opponent being TV chef Monica Galetti(!) She has completed 4 marathons, various hell runners and a Triathlon. She has learnt to play polo and completed a successful ascent in 2008 of the tough North face of Europe’s highest mountain, Mount Elbrus, and more recently summited Mount Kilimanjaro.

Her self-development book Take Control of Your Life has received outstanding reviews, including from Brian Ashton MBE (England’s Rugby Head Coach), and reached the #2 ranking in two Amazon categories.

In March 2013, she launched her new product, MaloryBand: a simple, lightweight cord to wear around your waist – a handy reminder not to overdo things, and to help you lose weight and be healthier if you wish to.

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