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Mishal Husain


Known for her professionalism, attention to detail and ability to work sensitively (and with a lighter touch where required), Mishal Husain has a rare ability to connect with, and appeal to, both UK and international audiences.
She is a familiar face on BBC1’s prime time Sunday evening news, to viewers worldwide as the main presenter for BBC World News and on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme Her wide-ranging talents have been seen and heard on programmes as diverse as BBC1’sBreakfast, the interview programme Hardtalk Extra, and Radio 4’s You and Yours.
Mishal’s ventures outside news and current affairs have included being the questioner on BBC2’s The Cram (2004) and BBC1’s Hardspell and Starspell in 2005.
She was paired up with rescue dog Robson, to compete in BBC2’s Underdogs in 2007.
Mishal’s corporate work spans the board and includes chairing conferences, presenting in-house videos and hosting prestigious, large scale awards.