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Mark Brown


Mark takes you to the land of Wtopia, (Utopia at Work), where dolphins thrive and dinosaurs die:

  • People have much happier, more fulfilled and productive work lives 
  • Organisations are much more successful
  • And the world becomes a much better place

Mark explores how to transform your organisation so as to be a dolphin that thrives in Wtopia. 

Innovation matters. Directors and managers know this. But how can you get your organisation to innovate? And how do you turn creative ideas and innovative thinking into profitable action? Mark is best known for his work in moving people from "absolute" closed thinking to "relative" open thinking. 

His work is based on both original psychological research and a sound appreciation of clients in diverse markets and at different stages in organisational maturity. Managing Director of Innovation Centre Europe, he is the Coopers & Lybrand Visiting Professor of Innovation at Henley Management College where he directed the Innovation Research Centre. He divides his time between consultancy, presentations worldwide for Fortune 500 companies and writing.

He researches at London University and Henley into why some individuals and companies are more innovative than others.

Mark Brown's best-known book is The Dinosaur Strain. He has written for various magazines, reviews and journals including Management Today, Psychology Today, Creativity Network and the Literary Review. Mark has also been invited to appear on BBC2, Channel 4, Radio 5 Live and The World Service. 

His Ideas Into Action video (1993) won 16 international awards including three at the International Film & Television Festival in New York whilst the CDi version won an award for "Best use of CDi Technology in an Education Title". The Blue Movie: Generating Great Ideas (1994) won 3 awards; The Green Movie: Empowerment Within A Framework (1995) has won 8 awards to date. The Red Movie was released in 1997.

Mark Brown is a Member of the British Institute of Management, the I.O.D., the CBI, the British Psychological Society and the Institute of Personnel and Development.

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