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Kate Allatt


"Imagine being buried alive, where you can think and feel normally, but are capable of moving absolutely nothing. You can hear and see everything going on around you, but you are unable to communicate anything to anyone.”

Kate Allatt had a stroke and was formally diagnosed with “locked-in syndrome”. This wasn’t supposed to happen to the fit 39-year old, a keen fell-runner and mother of three young children from Sheffield.

She survived, recovered, thrived and now inspires others around the world.
She founded her charity Fighting Strokes Trust for which she works for passionately and voluntarily.

The first of her three books Running Free is internationally published. 
She pioneered a successful research bid which she hopes will aid upper limb stroke recovery. 
Kate is writing her stroke recovery app and currently shooting a film documentary.

Kate will both educate and amaze your audience with her truly inspirational story. Strokes don’t just affect older people. She will explain how to spot the signs of stroke, offer insights into what to do and what to ask for in hospital when a stroke happens, and the self-help techniques which can be tried to help promote faster stroke recovery. 

She alludes to what loved-ones should (and shouldn’t) do for a stroke survivor according to followers of the charity she founded, Fighting Strokes. Kate’s own remarkable story of recovery will weave through her speech in an informative, humorous and often moving way.

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