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Jas Hawker


Jas Hawker has first-hand experience of developing and leading a world-class high performance team as Leader of the Red Arrows.  As a fighter pilot, he was the youngest-ever pilot to fly the Tornado ground attack aircraft on the front-line, and served on 4 operational squadrons taking part in both training and operational deployments all over the world. He is also a qualified flying instructor.

Jas served alongside Justin Hughes in the Red Arrows for 3 years including 2 years flying as part of the Synchro Pair, returning in 2007 as Team Leader and Commanding Officer for a further 3-year period. In this role, Jas was responsible for all aspects of Red Arrows’ operations including risk and safety management.

He led the Red Arrows on overseas tours to the USA, Middle and Far East and has performed over 500 public displays.

He has undertaken a number of high-level appointments within the Ministry of Defence, advising senior military officers and civil servants on strategic and operational matters; specifically developing national contingency and crisis plans and advising on capability development. He has practical experience of operational level campaign planning having deployed to Afghanistan as a Senior Air Advisor.

Jas has recently been invited to give lead training for senior staff at NATO.

As a speaker, Jas focuses on teamwork, the responsibility of each individual, communication, trust, loyalty, the importance of preparation and of debriefing and the pursuit of world-class excellence. He is style is friendly and engaging and he enjoys Q&A which he handles in a straightforward manner to answer questions as fully as he can.

The video clips he uses, taken from the cockpit of a Red Arrows Jet during training and displays, are awesome.

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